Yohan x1 - Tabloid Mistakenly Publishes Former X1 Yohan on Front Page as the One Who Passed Away

X1 yohan Kim Yohan

X1 yohan WEi’s Kim

X1 yohan Yohan: Profile,

Kim Yohan (WEi) Profile, Facts & Filmography

X1 yohan Kim Yohan

Cảnh Kim Yohan (X1) cởi thắt lưng trên sân khấu trở nên 'viral'

X1 yohan Kim Yo

X1 yohan Kim Yohan

X1 yohan South Korean

X1 yohan Warlen vs.

X1 yohan Kim Yohan

X1 yohan Kim Yohan

Kim Yo

— His special talent is imitating the voice of Pikachu and he can mimic the sound of goats.

  • Having been raised under the mantra "follow your dreams" and being told they were special, they tend to be confident and tolerant of difference.

  • Produce X 101 — During the initial evaluation, Hyeongjun received criticism from the judges about his performance and lack of confidence to display a freestyle dance when in fact he is good at dancing.

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